Hellenic Association for Educational Assessment

The Hellenic Association for educational assessment was founded in 2015 in Athens by a group of academics specialized in educational assessment.

The main aims of the Association are:

  • To promote scientific knowledge concerning all aspects of educational assessment and to disseminate it to the wider scientific and educational community.
  • To study and scientifically analyze the implementation of assessment in Greek education.
  • To contribute to the improvement of planning, functioning and effectiveness of the Greek educational system.
  • To participate in the training of teachers of all educational levels on issues related to educational assessment.
  • To provide scientific assistance and technical advice to the state institutions and other recognized organizations or bodies, both public and private, on assessment issues.
  • To develop cooperation with relevant Greek and international scientific institutions, research centers and organizations.

Members of the Association can become either academics with a specialization in educational assessment, or educators who a hold a PhD or a Masters’ degree specialized in educational assessment, or distinguished personalities that have contributed to the educational assessment.